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About Us

"International Provider of Aesthetic Services as
well as Cosmetic and Ophthalmic Surgery"

The I CARE FOR MY BODY is part of an international group which is recognized as a leading provider of medical services in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. The group has over the past two decades developed private hospitals and day surgery centres on an international basis.

I care for my body Medi-Spa:  International provider of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments

We differentiate ourselves by:

Our success derives from a team approach involving general practitioners, medical specialists and purpose trained nursing staff and clinical therapists.

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Our mission is to become the leader in our field by always being at the forefront of technology, constantly striving to be innovative and being recognized as professional and responsible to the market.


The information on our website is provided for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace a professional consultation. The condition of each patient is unique and needs to be evaluated properly before any decision can be taken.

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